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The Hero's Journey
of the Gay and Lesbian Mormon

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Important Work in the Oakland Stake
for Mormons and Gays

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by Michael Schoenfeld


Drama in two acts 

I dim
I dim
I have no doubt
If someone blew–
I would go out.

I did not.
I must be brighter
Than I thought.

–from Beginnings &

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We take turns, then, don’t we?  When you are caught on any plains where love is not, I will gather what I have and bring what I can.  And when I have used up all my love and am stranded in the cold, I will watch for you to appear with fresh supplies.  That way we can make it, I think, all of us.  We can be sufficiently creative and sufficiently kind that we will draw circle upon circle upon circle, bringing each other in, leaving no one out, joining, linking, enlarging, until the pattern of the whole human family, seen through the Eye of God, is complete. 
      – from No More Goodbyes: Circling the Wagons
         around Our Gay Loved Ones

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ANDY: You know what I wished, every shooting star, every birthday cake, ever since I knew?  I wished I wouldn’t be gay anymore.  I would wish that, and blow on those candles so hard.  And I would still be gay.  And I would see a shooting star and wish and wish and wish.  And I would still be gay.
      –from Facing East, scheduled for off-Broadway run,
          May-June, 2007

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“Robert,” said the teacher, “if you are outside playing, and you have three cars and one truck and Joey comes along and grabs two cars and the truck, how many times should you hit Joey?”
      –from The Lesson

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   "I love your stories in our Chicken Soup for the Soul books.  But I loved meeting you even more.  You have a wonderful light about you.  What a radiant aura!”  Mark Victor Hansen, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Carol Lynn & Mark Victor Hansen

   "Thank you, Carol Lynn Pearson, for reminding us that the task of any religion is to teach us whom were required to love, not whom we're entitled to hate."  -Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People


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When the caterpillar within the chrysalis has liquified, special cells–called “imaginal cells”–  begin an amazing process.  They cluster together in small islands, communicate with each other, and coordinate the activity that will create the adult butterfly.
   The human family is now in our own chrysalis.  Our Butterfly is soon to be born.  You and I are the “imaginal cells” directing that birth.

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